RUBBER STAMPS AND INK PADS (trade enquiries invited)

Through our utilisation of superior manufacturing processes and materials, our stamps are capable of producing an exceedingly fine printed image - significantly better than the image available from a "normal" rubber stamp. Indeed we produce some of the finest quality Rubber Stamps available anywhere.

Though we have a number "stock designs" most of our customers require "one offs" to their own design - this is our specialty. If you need something different, don't be afraid to ask - we can produce pretty much anything!

We're often asked if a particular typeface can be used on a stamp, the answer is invariably "yes" - though some are less than ideal.
We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so will always contact you before proceeding with your order if we think there is likely to be a problem with your design.

Because the cost is calculated on the area of rubber used, you may have as much or as little information on the stamp as you wish, including text, graphics, borders etc.

Either send us your desired design, or explain your requirements and we'll do the design work for you, usually at no charge (we may need to charge for very complex, time consuming work but will remain competitive).

Virtually any size and shape of stamp can be produced - including oval and round.
Feel free to contact us for advice and/or a quote.

We supply self inking Trodat® and COLOP® stamps as well as the traditional type of stamp (requiring a separate ink pad).
Some of our Artistic Stamps are, out of necessity, mounted on wooden blocks.

Note: our range now includes "Date Stamps" (with or without your custom text) in both "Trodat" and "Traditional" formats.

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Trodat® Self-Inking Stamps and Replacement Ink Pads

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(.pdf file - "Acrobat Reader" required )

Replacement ink pads are available in five colours - a"dry pad" is also available which may be filled with the ink of your choice from our range of 48 colours.

"Trodat" Pads For Self-Inking Stamps

(we can supply replacement pads for any size of Trodat "Printy" machine)

Traditional Stamps and Impress Ink Pads

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Traditional Stamps

Colour chart is shown as a guide only

Having decided to stock only the best quality ink pads for our traditional stamps, we chose “IMPRESS”.
(77 x 46 mm or 3" x 1 ½" )

"Impress" Ink pads

These Impress pads are priced at £2.50 each, whilst ink (to replenish your existing pad) is £2.50 a bottle. We try to keep the full range of colours in stock - pads and ink.

We can supply an accurate colour chart made by stamping each individual colour on to a sheet of paper. We'll mail you one if you send £1 in stamps with a stamped addressed envelope.

Large Stamp Pads

Measuring 160mm x 90mm (6¼” x 3½”) these are available in BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN and VIOLET (can also be supplied "dry"). Best quality - £6.69

We can also supply very large pads up to 12” x 9” - and even larger ones can be made to special order (contact us for details).

COLOP® Self-Inking Pocket Stamps

A relatively new product - ideal for those needing a compact, quality stamp that can be safely carried in the pocket, handbag or briefcase without the risk of ink stained clothes, documents etc.

They're suited to light office use and can be used with a conventional ink pad if preferred.

Most are available with a fitted "key chain", though not the R30 & R40 - please add £2 if chain req.

Available in a number of formats, sizes and case colours.
he 'die' can be replaced when your details change.

A black inkpad is supplied as standard, though this may be changed to Red, Green, Blue or Violet
(a "dry" pad is also available, allowing the use of a further 36 coloured inks).
Pads are simple to change, but remember to clean the print die before changing to a different colour!

Remove the cover, the stamp flips open, stamp the image (no need to press hard) fold the two pads together and slide back into the cover. Clean, simple, convenient.

Small square and round stamps - more pictures soon...
Price For The Complete Stamp
(print area in mm)
No 20 (14 x 38 rectangular)
No 25 (25 round)
No 25 (25 x 25 square)
No 30 (18 x 47 rectangular)
No 30 (18 x 47 oval)
No R30 (30 round) "NEW"
No R40 (40 round) "NEW"
Replacement ink pad (all sizes)
 Please add £2.00 if you require a fitted keychain (not available on R30 & R40)
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